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Shiny and Healthy-Looking Hair Of All Lengths

Healthy-looking hair contributes to an individual and well-groomed appearance. For many people, intensive hair care is therefore part of their daily rituals. Choosing the right care products for your hair type is important for an optimal result. We will inform you about the different hair types and show you which products give your hair shine and body. You can also find practical tips for your hair care below.

If your scalp tends to produce a lot of sebum, your hair will become greasy at the roots more quickly than with a dry scalp. If the sebum formation on your scalp is less pronounced, your hair reacts with dryness. Dry hair care products prevent your hair from looking brittle and dull. You will find a particularly large selection in our range of hair care products for men and women. They meet a wide variety of requirements and are suitable, for example, for:

  • damaged hair
  • flaky scalp
  • colored hair
  • thin and limp hair
  • babies and toddlers
  • long hair
  • the daily hair wash

Every care product has components that meet the requirements of the respective hair type. These are often herbal ingredients such as:

  • Herbal essences
  • Bark and root extracts
  • Vegetable oils,
  • Honey
  • Caffeine

The choice of ingredients depends on the hair type. Vegetable oils, on the other hand, make dry hair more supple. Caffeine is said to stimulate hair growth, honey is considered to be anti-inflammatory. Surfactants are required to clean the hair. In addition to water, they form the main component of shampoo. They are responsible for foam formation and the cleaning effect. Conditioners and hair treatments such as Kérastase Nutritive Fondant Magistral Conditioner contain oils, vitamins, and proteins in a higher concentration than shampoo for care and ease of combing.

Haircare begins with washing with the shampoo. If your scalp and hair are very dry, it can be a good idea to use hair oil before shampooing in order to protect the hair from further drying out by the warm water and the surfactants. After shampooing, you should not rub the hair dry, but instead, gently squeeze out the water with a towel. Rubbing can damage the structure of the hair. Conditioners are designed to restore the moisture removed from the hair by washing. You can choose between rinse-off products and a leave-in conditioner like Pureology Smooth Perfection Conditioner. Simply spray it onto damp hair and do not rinse it off.

A hair treatment or hair mask pampers the hair with intensive care. It, therefore, makes sense to occasionally replace the conditioner with a longer-acting hair treatment. Blow-drying lotion or hair oil such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Conditioner protects the hair from the heat generated by blow-drying or straightening. Other care and styling products that you can use after shampooing include:

  • Hair lotion
  • Hair balm
  • Hair spray
  • Hair wax
  • Hair gel

Tip: Use a dry shampoo for a quick refreshment in between.

Why Are There Special Hair Care Products For Men?

Special hair care products for men are tailored to the needs of male hair such as hair loss. With ingredients like caffeine, shampoos like activate the hair roots and stimulate hair growth. A shampoo like the one from covers the first gray hair and thus maintains the natural hair color for longer.

The right hair care depends on your hair type and your personal needs.

  1. You should protect dry hair before shampooing.
  2. Conditioner or conditioner gives the hair more elasticity after washing.
  3. Whenever you blow-dry your hair, you should protect it from the heat.
  4. To let your hair air dry, a leave-in conditioner is helpful.
  5. Dry shampoo is a practical means for hair care in between.

Usage and Effect of Hair Care Products

Depending on the product type, hair care products are used in different ways: haircare products that do not remain in the hair, such as hair conditioners and rinse-off care treatments, are worked into the entire hair and rinsed out again after different lengths of exposure (see application description on the respective product). Leave-in hair treatments such as L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair 10-in-1 Oil are carefully dosed into the whole hair or just the ends of the hair. Hair lotions are applied directly to the scalp, while hair creams and pomades are worked into the whole hair or specifically into individual sections of the hair.

Why Should Choose Hair Care Product Without Silicone?

Silicones are a relatively new type of plastic that can be liquid, viscous, or solid and have several useful properties. They are heat-resistant and water-repellent, act as electrical insulators, and are resistant to acids. Silicones are considered to be physiologically compatible, harmless to health, and are used for skin protection, cosmetic skin care, and plastic surgery. As a kind of cosmetic all-purpose weapon, they are used in many skin creams and hair care products. They smooth the roughened surface of the hair and enclose it with a protective layer. Silicones are also used in medicine, for example in artificial heart valves, pacemakers, and erectile tissue implants or as a lubricant for syringes. Silicones are also used when the dentist takes an impression of the rows of teeth. Compared to carbon-based plastics, silicones have the great advantage that the human immune system hardly reacts to them.

What Should Hair Care Products Contain Inside?

Haircare products serve very different purposes and are therefore structured very differently. The main components with a proportion of 70 to 98 percent are solvents, usually water or alcohol, and fats may also be included. The basis of hair lotions and leave-in hair care cures, for example, consists of aqueous-alcoholic solutions that are thickened with the help of gel formers. Depending on the intended use, they are given a thick or thin consistency. The rinsable hair care products such as Kevin Murphy Stimulate Me Rinse  are mostly emulsions, a mixture of water and fats/oils that are stabilized with an emulsifier. The range of active ingredients contained is wide. They are usually found in concentrations of up to ten percent. In addition to special hair care active ingredients such as (polymers made of silicon and oxygen as well as hydrocarbon residues, natural extracts or active ingredients with a partially traditional or cultural background are also used.

A distinction is made between active ingredients whose effects are visible immediately after use: the hair is easier to comb, feels better, or shines more again. With others, the effect only becomes apparent after a certain period of use, e.g. the decrease in dandruff. The silicones initially used in hair products and shampoos tended to add up in the hair. The result: It got heavy and drooped. That seems largely a thing of the past. If the hair has become too heavy, a simple shower gel can help remove residues. But be careful, this can damage the hair again. Shampoo for oily hair such as L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo 1500ml can also help, as it contains fewer conditioning agents. But there are also special cleaning, peeling, or clearing shampoos available. Their use makes sense, among other things, if a coloration or permanent wave is planned in order to make the hair as receptive as possible to the color or the permanent wave liquid.

Despite all modern active ingredients: Not everything can be repaired. When the damage is severe, hair care products reach their limits. Damage to the cuticle, the splitting of the ends of the hair, chemical changes in the hair keratin caused by UV rays from sunlight, and other effects are still irreversible today. However, modern hair care products succeed in significantly improving the appearance of the hair through the controlled replenishment and smoothing of the hair surface. It then comes very close to the undamaged hair growth near the scalp in terms of shine, grip, and combability. Through the regular use of care products, the hair can also be largely protected from mechanical damage, especially when combing wet hair. Hair care products are often available in care series with coordinated ingredients to enhance the effect. Some series only include a few products, others the complete range from shampoos, conditioners, and cures to specialists.

Targeted Use Optimizes The Result

“Only healthy hair is beautiful” - this formula is timeless. Healthy hair has a silky shine and feels pleasantly smooth. A dandruff-free and not overly oily scalp is also part of this. Damage caused by the hair cannot repair itself. Help must therefore come from outside. With the help of suitable care products, the hair can be supported in keeping it healthy and protected from damage. The main aim of any hair care treatment is to maintain the natural state of the freshly regrown hair for as long as possible or to restore it as far as possible - at least approximately. The faster minor damage is repaired, the better. If you intervene immediately, major damage can usually be prevented.

There is a wide variety of hair care products on offer in HWS Beauty. High-quality preparations are available today for general, prophylactic hair care as well as for the targeted remedy of hair and scalp problems. Haircare products are intended to fulfill three functions at the same time: to care for the individual hair, to improve the hairstyle or manageability, and to support the scalp. In addition, the hair care products should perform other specific functions: They should protect against environmental influences, solar radiation, and dehydration and, if necessary, repair the cuticle. Special hair types have special needs.

The range of hair care products extends from conditioners, treatments, and masks to hair tonics and special care products. They are available as a thin tonic, viscous rinses, and foams or as cream cures. All variants are available as rinse-off versions so-called "rinse-off" - and as so-called "leave-in" versions that remain in the hair. Consumer preferences have changed recently: At the beginning of the industrial production of hair care products, the focus was clearly on products that are rinsed out again after use. The only exception was the hair lotions. They correspond to the widespread desire of consumers today for good care results that are convenient to use and save time at the same time.

Our rinse-off products as listed:

Hair Masks As Vacation For The Hair

Maximum care in a short time - that's the promise of hair masks. These products have a particularly intensive caring, structure-improving effect that lasts after the next hair wash. Hair masks such as Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Deep Treatment Mask 200ml contain a particularly large number of care substances as well as moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients. They are also available in different strengths and for special areas of application. Build-up masks for all hair types should bring about a deep regeneration overnight. 3-minute build-up hair masks promise fast, intensive care. The special products are suitable for extremely stressed, damaged, and split-split hair. The hair-active ingredients penetrate deeply into each hair and are intended to regenerate it within a very short time.

They combine highly effective care substances that are intended to repair the most important characteristics of severely damaged hair. According to the manufacturer, the particularly creamy, rich wash-out products reduce hair breakage by up to 95 percent and provide lasting care for the hair surface. These products should also give untreated hair an additional color kick - the natural hair color shines more intensely. To achieve this, the recipes are chamomile extract for blond hair, cinnamon extract for brown hair, pomegranate extract for red hair, and mallow extract for gray and blond hair are added. The masks are evenly distributed in damp hair and gently massaged in.

  • Color intensive masks such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair Shusu Sleek Masque 200ml offer emergency care for colored or highlighted hair. They are characterized by a creamy consistency and penetrate deeply into the hair to rebuild it from the inside and repair structural damage. Cranberry extracts (vitamin C, bioactive polyphenols) and UV filters are supposed to protect the hair color from free radicals and fading and to maintain its color brilliance over the long term.
  • Shine-moisturizing masks such as Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque 200ml for all blonde tones rely on a combination of micro-care ingredients and wheat protein. The creamy, rich masks are specially designed to make blonde hair in all shades shiny and supple.
  • Hair masks for graying hair promise real high-performance care for older, graying hair. Dry, damaged hair receives new moisture, it should become softer and smoother and it should be much easier to comb. Build-up substances made from a provitamin-B5 hydro polymer complex and panthenol are supposed to strengthen the resistance and protect the hair from harmful environmental influences such as the sun and heat from a hairdryer, as well as from undesirable yellowing. The scalp should be soothed at the same time and thus offer the best basis for healthy hair.
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