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The Design Of The Hairstyle

Hair setting agents for creating versatile hairstyles are offered as mousse and as liquid or spray lotion. The setting agents are applied to damp hair and have the task of providing more volume and better hold of the hairstyle. Caring additives make freshly washed hair easier to comb and give it more elasticity and body. At the same time, they protect the hair from damaging external influences, improve the grip of the hair and give it a certain shine. They also reduce the electrostatic charge and prevent the hair from "flying". The hairstyle is stabilized and stays in shape longer. If the care effect is particularly high, it is called a conditioner or a hairdryer lotion.

Liquid and foam setting agents contain film formers as basic components. The dissolved synthetic resins envelop the hair with a stable film that is supposed to give it strength and stability. The proportion of film formers depends on the desired degree of consolidation. Cationic polymers are positively charged large molecules that consist of chain-like or branched subunits (monomers). They are able to attach themselves to the partially negatively charged surface of the hair in need of care. Water and alcohol are used as solvents.

Small amounts of surfactants are added to mousse and the products contain relatively low levels of oil or wax. One of several properties of surfactants is their ability to create and stabilize foam. One makes use of this in the mousse. Propane, butane, or isobutane, which are considered to be relatively easily degradable, are used as climate-friendly propellants. The effect of the hair setting agent is based on the irregular distribution of the film-former on the hair. The hair surface receives fixing points from the setting particles, which make it difficult for the hair to slide and thus create volume. So the hair doesn't slip off so easily and doesn't hang limp. Remnants of the setting agent are either brushed off or completely removed from the surface of the hair with the next hair wash.

Why Do People Need Hair Styling Products?

Styling foams enable the creation of complete hairstyles or the consolidation of individual sections of hair. With curls, the goal is to create bundling and more bounce. Styling foams make the hair more grippy and give it the most elastic possible hold. At the same time, styling should be made easier, for example with a hairdryer and brush or with your fingers. With colored hair, you pursue several goals in one step with color foams: volume, grip, and color shine. These color foams such as KMS Style Color Inked Blue 150ml in options like California Style Color Nude Peach, Color Raw Mocha, Color Vintage Blush, Color Brushed Gold, Color Frosted Brown and Color Stone Wash Denim are available in different versions for all colored hair as well as for individual hair colors, e.g. B. dark blonde to brown, blonde or red hair, available.

Mousse specially developed for white and gray hair reinforces silver reflections and neutralizes a possible yellow tinge. In addition, the manufacturers have developed other innovative products that not only bring intensive hold but also additional shine to the hair. But one thing does not work: covering gray hair. There are also special mousses available for users with very fine hair. These contain “strengthening” styling polymers (long-chain macromolecules) that envelop the hair, strengthening it in this way and giving it more volume. The hair should feel supple and lively without sticking together.

Mousse: Styling Made Easy

Foam stabilizers are easy and practical to use. They have therefore largely overtaken the classic setting lotions in recent years: their foam does not drip and is easy to dose. It can be evenly distributed in the hair with a brush or kneaded in by hand. The products can be used in both wet and dry hair without the hair sticking together. The manufacturers offer different mousse such as Goldwell Ultra Volume Power Whip 3 Strengthening Mousse 300ml, which on the one hand are tailored to the hair type and hair condition and on the other hand promise different levels of hold and volume. Products with different degrees of retention are available for every hair type. They are also available in versions for fine, colored, dry, and hair in need of care.

Products that provide strength to extra strong hold are intended for extreme hairstyles. Setting agents with a push-up effect ensures maximum volume by supporting the hair from the roots. More and more often, mousse products are also being offered, which also have a nourishing effect and are tailored to certain hair conditions. Vitamin and moisture additives support dry and damaged hair in particular. For sensitive hair and scalp, mousse without alcohol and perfume additives are recommended. Thermal protection formulas and moisturizing ingredients protect the hair from damage caused by heat and dehydration when using a hairdryer or using a straightening iron.

The Influence of Special Hair Types and Hair Conditions In Hair Styling

Curly hairstyles can be a little difficult to control at times. Mousse for curls gives the hairstyle long-lasting definition and control. They are meant to keep even stubborn curls looking sleek and well-groomed. The hair is given bounce and a healthy shine. With a combination of different lipids (fatty substances) and film formers, so-called anti-frizz formulas prevent humidity from penetrating the hair and making it frizzy. For the "very difficult cases" there is so-called hair-taming mousse. They are intended for stressed, i.e. previously damaged hair, and even give it a silky shine and stronghold.

The color mousse such as Kevin Murphy Staying Alive 150ml combine the firming recipe with a light tint. The dissolved dyes create color reflections that disappear again the next time you wash your hair. Such products are in keeping with the spirit of the times: Color-based mousse can be used to achieve short-term, light, fashionable color nuances that can be varied from time to time. Color mousse can also be used to deepen your hair color. If the products also contain UV filters and antioxidants, the hair can also be protected against environmental influences. Repair and regeneration mousse contain substances that are specifically deposited on the damaged areas of the hair. The hair substance should be replenished, the hair should get more volume and density. It no longer "flies" as much and can also be protected from moisture loss and heat from the hairdryer.

Stability and Protection For The Hairstyle With Special Liquid Products

The traditional liquid hair setting agents are used for soaking and blow-drying. Stabilizers can be used for all hair types, including curly and permed hair. The permanent wave is the basis of the hairstyle and with the help of the setting, the wave shape can be optimized for the desired hairstyle. The liquid setting agents are applied to washed and toweled hair and evenly distributed by combing. After that, the hair is rolled up on curlers and dried in the air or under a dryer hood.

Hairdryer setting agents, which have a slightly lower setting effect, work a little differently. The shaping takes place during drying with the help of a hairdryer and brush or the hair dryer brush. These products are often offered as spray-setting agents. Several goals are pursued with them: They want to give the hairstyle elasticity, support it and at the same time prevent the electrostatic charging of the hair. And there is one more thing: By improving the combability, possible hair damage is to be prevented. Color setting agents, which are offered in different color nuances, are set lightly and at the same time care for the hair and cover faded hair ends. They are supposed to give the hair back its natural shine for example with the help of Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil-in-Cream 150ml.

In another product category, in addition to hair setting, the nourishing aspect is in the foreground. Care setting agents or conditioners provide a normal to intensive care effect. They are specially intended for porous hair. It contains so-called cationic care substances that protect and strengthen the hair as well as give it volume and make it easier to comb. Cationic care substances carry positive electrical charges and are thus able to attach to the negative charges on the hair surface. Beer and plant extracts, panthenol, or lecithin are often used for this purpose. Care setting agents are also intended for fine hair. The goal: to provide a secure hold and elasticity without sticking. Panthenol is a form of B vitamin pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that is more stable in cosmetics. It has nourishing properties. Lecithins are a group of chemical compounds made up of fatty acids, glycerin, phosphoric acid, and choline. They are lipids (fatty substances) that are components of the cell membranes of animal and plant life.

Hair Gels In Diverse Options

Elastic or flexible styling gels promise a flexible, resilient hold that lasts for up to 24 hours. The hair should remain elastic. Some formulations aim to give the hair additional suppleness and to protect it from drying out. Liquid gels combine the ultra-fine atomization of a spray with the modeling power of a gel to structure the styling and keep it under control. The products such as Kevin Murphy Super Goo 100g have a smooth consistency and spread very well. The desired effects can be controlled by targeted spraying. Liquid gels ensure a long hold without sticking and can be removed without leaving any residue.

The hair should be able to be shaped individually without becoming sticky. With their high holding power, extreme gels enable expressive hairstyle design. Even radically geometric stylings are no problem with the moisture-resistant extreme gels. In addition to their styling properties, silk-gloss gels give the hair a natural, silky shine through fine glass particles. The products are suitable for all hair types. Diamond gloss or glitter gels have two goals: extra strong hold and shimmering shine in the hair. This is caused by glitter particles or the addition of colored, plastic-coated aluminum particles. With the products, individual strands, in particular, can be accentuated well.

Curl gels such as Kérastase Curl Manifesto Gelee Curl Contour define curls and waves, give them a closed structure and ensure a stronghold. Curly hair is given more bounce. At the same time, the hairstyle is protected from moisture. Special styling gels for men give the hair a particularly strong hold, structure, and a fashionable wet look that is more or less pronounced depending on the product. Other ingredients, e.g. pine extracts revitalize hair and scalp, moisturizing panthenol is supposed to protect against drying out and UV filters against harmful effects of the sun. With cream gels for flexible hold, men can structure short to shoulder-length hair, aqua gel promises ultra-strong long-term hold and an extremely wet look effect.

Shining Hairstyling With The Help Of Styling Creams

Modern styling creams are mainly based on oil-in-water emulsions in which the oily substances are incorporated into an aqueous base. This type of emulsion is less greasy than a water-in-oil emulsion that was previously used in pomade hairdressing creams for men. The oil content in styling creams makes the hair supple so that it looks natural and can be shaped well. In wet hair, however, can be shaped longer, making it easier to style and giving the hair a stronger shine.

Styling cream such as KMS Curlup Control Creme 150ml is best worked into slightly damp or dry hair from the hairline. Then the hair is brought into the desired shape with the fingers or a coarse-toothed comb and dried with a hairdryer or in the air. Anti-frizz cream is often used as a "hair tamer" for frizzy or loose hair. Massaged into damp or already dry hair, the cream should ensure soft hair that remains flexible and supple. Air Pomade and Pomade Spray Wax are ultra-fine pomades for spraying. With a light, non-greasy look, they are particularly suitable for soft stylings. At the same time, it is their job to provide definition and shine. The spray pomades can be used on damp or dry hair. To do this, the desired amount is sprayed into the entire hair or on individual strands and worked into it with the fingers. Hairdressing creams are the successor products of the pomades that were frequently used in the past and are commercially available as oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions.

Hair Sprays For The Finishing Touch

Sprayed onto the finished hairstyle as a finish, hairspray should further support the effect of hair setting agents and give the hairstyle a permanent hold. At the same time, it protects against wind, moisture, and sun and brings additional shine to the hair. The demands on the products are high: hairsprays should set the hairstyle, but preserve the natural elasticity. They should be moisture-resistant but wash out easily. You should spray microfine and dry immediately. They should protect the hair from external influences and care for it at the same time. And the hairsprays such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair The Art Of Styling Kumo Hold Flexible Hold Hairspray 300ml available today usually also provide these properties. At the beginning of its development, however, hairspray was at times a rather sticky affair. Protective and care properties were only added later.

What Do Hair Spray Products Contain?

As with most other styling products, the basic ingredient in hairsprays is formed by film formers - here in combination with solvents and propellants. Polymers are used as film formers. Propellants such as butane, isobutane (empirical formula for both isomers: C4H10), and dimethyl ether (C2H6O) are also used. Butane and isobutane are hydrocarbons, while dimethyl ether is a simple ether. Isobutane is a colorless and almost odorless, flammable gas. It is heavier than air and has a narcotic effect in high concentrations. Under normal conditions, dimethyl ether is a colorless, slightly narcotic, non-toxic, extremely flammable gas.

Water as a solvent can only be added to hairsprays and pump hair sprays in small proportions, as the hairstyle hold would be significantly reduced with water proportions of more than ten percent. Ingredients such as silk proteins, borage seed oil, or glycerine are added to the formulations to give the hair a soft, pleasant feel and to give sensitive, damaged hair a dose of care. Soluble silk proteins, for example, prevent hair from drying out. Often they also contain agents that add a little extra shine to the hair, such as B. silicone or vegetable oils, or special polymers. Hair sprays are usually perfumed. UV absorbers protect the hair from the sun.

Additional special additives are added for color and light effects. Silk proteins are obtained from the cocoons of silkworm caterpillars, which are mainly bred on mulberry trees in China and Japan, but also in France and Italy. In the structure of the silk fiber, several wafer-thin layers of silk protein are superimposed. In this way, the silk fiber becomes soft and shiny. From a chemical point of view, the fibers consist of fibroin, which is one of the structural proteins. With the help of dilute acids, soluble silk proteins can be produced, which can then be added to styling agents. A thin film of superimposed layers forms on the hair, which provides a certain protection.

A Large Scale Of Hair Spray Products in HWS Beauty

Hair sprays in HWS Beauty are available for a wide variety of hair conditions such as normal, dry, oily, fine, damaged, hair in need of care, and curly hair. They often include up to five hold levels: natural, strong, extra strong, ultra-strong, and mega-strong hold. Individual manufacturers also offer their products as compact versions. These compact sprays contain the active ingredients in a more concentrated manner. This makes them economical to use and enables them to be offered in smaller packages.

The volume hairsprays such as L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Volumetry Texturising Spray 125ml aim to fix the volume at the base while leaving flexibility and movement in the hair lengths. For use, the strands of hair are lifted individually and the hairline is sprayed from below from a distance of 20-30 cm. The volume sprays for the hair of older users contain special active ingredient complexes. They give the hair volume, body, and more strength as well as a shine that appears as natural as possible. In addition, the hair should be supplied with moisture. The variants for extra strong hold and hair thickening are also available for this area of application.

Shine hairsprays such as Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine 100ml promise silky shine and fullness, natural hold, volume, and resilience. A high-gloss hairspray, for example, with its combination of shine and moisturizers such as panthenol (provitamin B5) should give the finished styling an extra shimmering shine.

Color brilliance hairsprays have the task of enhancing the color shine of colored hair. The microfine sprays provide an invisible hold. Combined volume and color shine hairsprays such as Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-In Spray 200ml are also available in HWS Beauty. Hair sprays for hair that becomes greasy quickly contain film formers that are good at absorbing fats. When combing and brushing to shape the hairstyle, some of the fat fractions are removed with the film former. When spraying again, the hair is covered with a fresh film that can absorb grease again. In this way, the hairspray works similarly to dry shampoo.

Repair hairspray such as Pureology Strength Cure Miracle Filler 150ml gives the hair additional suppleness and protects it against moisture loss and UV rays. The contained repair ingredients help to repair visible damage to the hair. They attach to the hair fibers. The hair surface is smoothed so that the hair regains a healthier shine. Repair hairsprays are available for normal to the stronghold. The products provide a reliable hold that looks natural and does not stick. At the same time, the hair should be strengthened. The sprays are easy to brush out, leave hardly any residue, and do not dry out the hair.

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