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Unveiling Kérastase Première - The Latest Innovation in Haircare

Many people have damaged and weakened hair as a result of factors such as heat tools, colour treatments, and bleaching. Additionally, calcium deposits create a film on the hair, causing it to appear dull and lacking shine. This buildup can block moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, resulting in dry and lacklustre hair. Luckily, Kérastase's products combat this. From deeply moisturizing shampoos and preserving conditioners to enhancing oils and nourishing hair masks, they have a unique range of over 15 collections. Their newest collection, Première, is a dual-action repair system that tackles damaged hair.

Discover the latest products from the Première line below, featuring formulas with 3% citric acid and 5% glycine to decalcify and repair the hair. These formulas effectively break down calcium build-up, preventing damage and breakage whilst nourishing the hair.

  • Kérastase Premiere Concentre Decalcifiant Ultra-Reparateur 250ml

This unique pre-shampoo treatment is formulated to effectively decalcify and fortify your hair, resulting in a visibly smoother, shinier, and healthier look. When hair is over-processed or bleached, it can be even more susceptible to damage from hard water containing calcium, which can lead to up to three times more calcium absorption in comparison to untreated hair. With a powerful blend of pure citric acid and glycine, this treatment works double duty to remove calcium build-up and repair hair from within, restoring its strength and reversing dullness.

  • Kérastase Premiere Bain Decalcifiant Reparateur 250ml

Revitalize and strengthen damaged hair with this expertly formulated decalcifying repairing shampoo containing glycine and citric acid. This dual-action formula effectively removes calcium build-up while simultaneously repairing and strengthening hair. Transforming into a luxurious foam, this white creamy shampoo fights against the harmful effects of hard water, which can add to the damage of already fragile or bleached hair, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. By actively restoring keratin within the hair shaft, this shampoo mends any damage at the core. The end result is smooth, manageable, and beautifully shiny hair with renewed bounce.

  • Kérastase Premiere Fondant Fluidite Reparateur 200ml

This conditioner is specially designed to repair damaged hair and restore its natural texture and bounce ( containing glycine to reduce breakage and strengthen the hair). It effectively revitalizes the hair that has been over-processed or bleached, resulting in immediate improvement and movement. This unique formula removes calcium buildup caused by hard water, protecting against further damage. Its lightweight, gel-like consistency leaves hair feeling soft, flexible, and up to 7 times smoother.

  • Kérastase Premiere Masque Filler Reparateur 200ml

The Première anti-breakage filler is a dense hair mask that effectively restores and fortifies all types of damaged hair. It aims to rebuild the inner strength of chemically-treated hair, while also providing protection against further breakage. With the inclusion of calcium, which is naturally found in hair, this mask helps to reverse any excessive absorption of calcium in damaged hair, which can weaken both the inside and outside of the hair fiber. Its rich, creamy formula deeply nourishes hair, making it an ideal treatment after chemical processing. This powerful mask not only reconstructs hair from within, but also smoothes the hair surface, significantly reducing hair breakage. To maximize results, use the Kérastase Concentré Décalcifiant Ultra-Réparateur as a base treatment, followed by the Kérastase Bain Décalcifiant Réparateur for even stronger, shinier, and smoother hair. Use the mask twice a week for optimal restructuring and decalcifying benefits.

  • Kérastase Premiere Huile Gloss Reparatrice 30ml

This repairing oil from Kérastase, the Premiere Huile Gloss Reparatrice 30ml, is specially designed to repair damaged hair and enhance its shine. Its concentrated formula is enriched with repair agents to seal split ends and improve hair strength. Dullness caused by over-processing and bleaching is neutralized, resulting in visibly stronger and up to 4 times shinier hair with regular use.

 Kérastase Première products all work together for extra restructuring and decalcifying care. Enhance your hair's shine and moisture with this new product line, perfect for those with dry and damaged hair. With just one use, you'll see amazing results.


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